What a whirlwind January was! I can’t tell you how much all the well-wishes and praises of the store mean to me. I knew you were all a part of my community, but I guess I didn’t realize that you saw me as a part of yours. I am honored!

Our staff had a little celebration at the end of our last day, which was fun, but bittersweet. The evening of the next day, which was spent packing, my fellow merchants hosted a Happy Hour to say goodbye. I was moved to tears when presented with a beautifully framed postcard from 1986 announcing the opening of Crackerjack! I had completely forgotten I had even sent one out, but Ally found it in the electrical room at Wallingford Center.

Kathleen with Kim, manager of Yazdi
Custom Cupcakes!
A 34 Years’ Worth of Gate Keys!

Since the first of February, and moving, resting and taking stock (literally!), I have been working on getting the website updated to reflect what is actually available. Please be patient, and contact me directly if you are looking for something in particular!