Small Business Week May 1- 7 & Mother’s Day May 8

Those of you who were familiar with Crackerjack in Wallingford Center may not realize that we opened that location on May 3rd, 1986 – thirty-six years ago this week!

     I was not aware that we debuted during National Small Business Week, and it may be that this week dedicated to small business was created after 1986. But how appropriate!

     Of course, I have been waxing sentimental this week, remembering all the fun times, challenges, employees and customers of the 34 years the store existed as a retail shop!

Many of you have expressed how you miss the shop, and I certainly miss many aspects of it, too. Being exclusively an online store has some advantages, to be sure, but I certainly miss the personal interactions with all of you, and helping you find the perfect handcrafted prize.

     So, once again, thank you for all the support over the years! 

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8th

Free Local Delivery and Curbside Pick-Up are available through Mother’s Day to make your gift-giving as easy as possible! Click on Shop Our Store to the left for details!

Holiday Orders Deadlines

Holiday Cut-Offs – Free Delivery orders must be placed prior to 2 p.m. on Weds. Dec. 23rd, for delivery on Thurs. Dec. 24th.

Curbside Pick-Up orders must be placed prior to 4 p.m. on Weds. Dec. 23rd, and picked up by 3 p.m. on Thurs. Dec. 24th 


Standard Shipping/Mailed orders must be placed by 4 p.m. Thursday Dec. 17th, based on USPS recommendations, to arrive before Christmas. We will do our best to ship orders asap after that date, but can not make any promises regarding Christmas delivery.

How’s Everyone Doing? The “Rona” Phase

My niece has dubbed coronavirus “Rona”, and I sort of like that. Especially its syllabic efficiency. And especially when you want to blame it for something. It seems a little more personal than coronavirus or Covid-19, like it’s a real entity you can blame. And I’m sure I’m not alone in blaming Rona for all sorts of things!

So, how is everyone doing during this scary and frustrating time? Way back in March, I thought this might not last too long. Certainly not through the end of summer, and that by Thanksgiving we would have been given an “all clear” and be back to normal. Naivete? Innocence? Stupidity? Whatever it was, my hope did not come to pass. We are still trying to #StayHomeStayHealthy and #BeStrongSeattle! 

As someone who has always liked being home and has plenty to do at home, I was fine. That is until I wanted to run to the grocery, or longed for the serendipity of browsing in an interesting shop. Even going to the beach was not possible for a while. And I missed seeing people’s faces – their full faces! 

But I’ve adapted. I’m not quite so anxious when I’m at the grocery store, I don’t disinfect my groceries any more and I’m okay going on “mission-oriented” forays into stores. I have met friends for socially-distanced-outdoor-takeout-lunches, and walks-in-the-woods-with-masks. I am taking an informal French class on Zoom, and attend an Instagram Live art class. And, of course, I catch up with friends via phone.

Wearing a mask has become comfortable, and I have extras just in case. Now that it’s colder out, and I’m grabbing a hat and gloves, I have occasionally forgotten to also grab a mask, and so have had to turn around and come home. Luckily, I’ve not been too far away, but keeping a couple extras in the car seems like a good plan. I still struggle with foggy glasses, and foggy brain – there seems to be some correlation between putting a mask on and the subsequent slowness of my brain – or mouth – or both! Or maybe it just comes from being in the now unique position to talk to others that is overtaxing me!

It’s definitely a different world we find ourselves in, and every decision we make has the additional layer of considering everyone’s health and safety. The holidays will look and be a lot different for most of us this year! For me, this experience has put a spotlight on health – my own, my friends’ and family’s, and the whole community’s. Having been blessed with good health, I may have taken my responsibility for granted, but not anymore! I am happy to be vigilant for the duration. I am trying to think creatively about adapting, staying in touch, maintaining relationships. But I am also remaining ever so hopeful that one day, sooner preferable to later, we will be able to say “So long, Rona!”.

Brick & Mortar is Closing

I have an announcement that is very bittersweet for me: after 34 years, Crackerjack will close its doors at the end of January. It has been a lifetime of great relationships for me, with customers, employees and artists, fellow business owners, as well as sales reps and Wallingford neighbors. In fact, some of my good personal friends are people I’ve met through the business!

  I opened Crackerjack in 1986 for two fundamental reasons: I had an art background, and saw a need for the handcrafted to be available in the marketplace every day; and I wanted to have a family I could raise with minimal outside childcare, have the time flexibility to go on field trips, be the room mother, etc. And Crackerjack has successfully provided both!

Now I am ready for a new chapter, so have decided to retire from retail store ownership. There are many other things I’d like to pursue, so who knows what you’ll hear from me in future? In the short term, please stop by to say “goodbye” “au revoir” “zegnaj” and “sayonara”, and help us clear our shelves!

Come Friday evening January 10th from 4 to 8 for a Sale Preview and to join us in a toast for the future!

Preview Party Friday Nov. 8th, 5 to 8pm

Join us as we celebrate the opening of our Annual Trunk Show featuring Kristin Ford Jewelry, Annie de Vuono hats and Paige Selden Scarves.

This is your opportunity to shop an extensive collection from all three artists, including many one-of-a-kind pieces.

Meet the artists, learn how to tie scarves, choose the correct hat and enjoy some refreshments!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Whoooo wants to work with us?

Our friendly Snooter-Doot Greeter, Hoosevelt!


We are currently looking for a special person or two to join our team – someone who has energy, enthusiasm and an appreciation of the handmade. Someone who would like to work with great co-workers, super customers and in a beautiful environment!

Applicants should drop by the store to fill out an application and drop off a resume (resume not required). We have several positions open, at least one permanent position and we also need holiday help!